about our veterinary practice Tucson, AZ

All of the staff at Rincon Vista Veterinary Center are committed to providing exceptional service and care and treat each patient as one of our own pets. Rincon Vista Veterinary Center has been privately owned & operated for more than 3 decades. While providing the highest standard of care, we maintain a positive atmosphere to keep your pet as calm and comfortable as possible. We firmly believe in providing a fear-free experience to keep stress levels down, which in turn aids in the health and longevity of your pet. With fear-free procedures, we create an environment that puts patients at ease and our goal is that they are happy to come for future visits. These tactics include playing calming music in the exam rooms, performing exams on the floor to be at the patient’s level, thus eliminating the discomfort and stress associated with being held on a table, providing pheromone therapy in the exam rooms to release calming endorphins, and offering treats to keep the experience as positive as possible.

Come see for yourself how a fear-free exam would be beneficial to you and your pet!

Our Motto

At Rincon Vista Veterinary Center, we treat every pet as our own. We know how hard it is when a loved one is sick, and we take pride in helping your pet return home feeling as best as they can. Our staff gives compassionate, loving, and high-quality health care. We take a paw and we hold it gently. We speak in a soft caring voice that only your pet can understand. We communicate with our clients with love and compassion. Together, with you, we make loving, informed decisions. Bringing pets good health, one paw at a time